Saturday, December 9, 2017

They Say It's Your Birthday

Happy Birthday Canada. You made it to 150. Which impresses pretty much no one outside of Canada. And not really everyone within Canada.

The Bank of Montreal is stepping all over the country's big day to promote its 200th birthday. It is sad and disturbing that a Canadian bank is older than Canada.

Although it does say a lot about what this country was founded upon.

Yet, I am not going to jump on anyone's hashtag to protest this moment and not because no one ever jumped on one of my hashtags.

No one should tell a single parent with three kids they can't go to the community BarBQ or the fireworks because someone created a hashtag.

No Native artist should apologize because they are actually getting paid to perform and share their work during a national celebration.

Leading up to Canada Day, I saw many media reports about how Indigenous Peoples were protesting Canada 150. 

A story on national news was filled with images of a Pow Wow while a disembodied voice spoke of protest.

These two things are not the same. This person speaking from an unflattering Skype angle did not speak for the people at this Pow Wow.

It does fit into the Canadian media obsession with conflict when it comes to the Native beat.


July 1, 2017 came and went with fireworks just a little bit brighter.

In Native communities around the country the day was celebrated.

Our people love a party and they deserve a party.

On the national stage - National Chief Perry Bellegarde in full regalia danced with other traditional dancers to the Pow Wow drum and it was a beautiful thing.

Buffy Sainte-Marie delivered a career defining performance that may come to define this country.

The people who set up a TeePee on the grounds of the Parliament buildings got to speak face to face with Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. This would not happen in the United States.

Some got a chance to be heard and they dropped the mic in a way that kept screeching feedback to be remixed and repeated.

If you have a press conference you are going to have press. Be ready.

This is the way it is now.

This is the time of lasting memories and creating histories..

People have to move forward together.

Do not assume lead without taking direction.

Canada has always been making itself up.

July 1 is not Canada's birthday, it's March 29.

So I wish a happy belated birthday to Canada as most of you already did.



Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stand as one and be one no longer

This Mother Earth is the only force able to sustain life 
in the known universe.
In the Known Universe. 

We have to protect this last bit of fresh air and fresh water 
in the known universe. 
In the Known Universe. 

This is all the Fresh Air and Fresh Water 
in the known universe.
In the Known Universe

We have to protect this last bit of fresh air and fresh water 
in the known universe.
In the Known Universe


We are allowing Mother Earth to be destroyed with our own actions and non actions. 

Do YOU know the definition of complicit?


It should be illegal to conspire to leave Mother Earth. 

People are free to leave but they can't come back.


The Greatest Minds
profess and prepare 
that we must leave our Mother Earth

Is that all a great mind is worth?